Agencies and Tour Operators

Now it is a fact, each of us wants personalized experiences based on our own desires. Travel agencies and tour operators are in fact increasingly looking for engaging and dynamic itineraries, but you know, to involve the customer you have to make it feel part of what is offered to them, but in a constantly growing world where cities and places of interest are always crowded it is no longer possible to do so. Tour Sound offers a solution to the travel and tourism industry thanks to the increasingly necessary use of the radio guide that allows the tourist to listen in absolute tranquility to the explanations of the guide. Whether it's for a full day, for a walking tour, bike or a multi-day holiday, our sound systems ensure excellent reception quality and durability.

Cruises and Tours

Tour operators working with cruise lines create itineraries with multiple points of interest but especially with groups of tourists of size that can vary depending on the offer and the experience you want to offer. In the city where there is a dynamism of people constantly growing it becomes increasingly difficult for the visitor and for the economic operator to offer a service where the traveler can relax and enjoy the treasures he is discovering. This is where our service becomes fundamental, our audio systems guarantee travelers the freedom to listen with absolute sharpness the guided tour and to enjoy the beauties they are watching without missing the explanation.


The big cities now have hotel facilities that offer a range of activities and proposals to their guests who on holiday wish to feel pampered. Whether it's a cultural guided tour, a bike tour, a food and wine tour, surely an extra plus to be found directly by the group in the hotel is our "engaging experience". Our operators can equip the audio kit to be left directly at the property so that the customer can pick it up to discover new places. Assistance and punctuality are our strengths.

Tourist offices and airports

Over the years we have built a network of contacts with the main economic operators. Many of our sound systems are permanently integrated into the local realities of the main information offices of Italy. For customers who leave or arrive at the airport we have the opportunity to deliver directly or via HUB in the main Italian airports the kit for the ready-to-use tour.

Museums and Exhibitions

This is the mission of the museum sector and to do so the customer must have the ability to immerse himself in a world where he can go in direct contact with what he sees and that you are explained This can only happen thanks to a magic: silence. Tour Sound is able to provide this experience through the use of its audio systems that allow groups to move freely savoring the beauties that the guide is illustrating thanks to the excellent sound and transmission quality.

Great artists need to connect with those who admire them, Tour Sound makes this connection possible.


More and more companies organize events related to conferences, fairs, conferences or factory tours and of course this involves the presence of many people in the same location. It is therefore necessary a system that is easy to use and that can make logistics less complex, not to mention the very high costs for other systems much less powerful and cumbersome That's why for years Now Tour Sound has been actively collaborating with the corporate sector and MICE. Based on the customer's need, the material is prepared and sent where required ready to be used with the support of specialized personnel. Our audio systems are present in the largest Italian and international companies. No installation is necessary and with the portable control panel we can recreate a translation direction in no time Our products are designed to help work in a simpler and more effective way in addition they were born to work together in perfect harmony.


Agile tools for agile minds

Creativity is innate in every human being and stimulating it is the teacher's main task. Tour Sound create new resources to help teachers in their task. We simplify the work of every day with devices designed to create a more flexible and dynamic learning environment, customized to everyone's needs. A guided tour, an educational workshop, a digital lesson, are the perfect opportunities to test us. Turn on our devices and explore new ways to learn.

At the service of the Public Administration

For the Public Administration we have a special purchasing program with proposals and solutions for all needs at a special price. Our products can be purchased through MEPA.

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